What is remote learning?

Remote learning is used when the school needs to be closed and students are not allowed to be on campus.  Students and teachers must be flexible and adjust the education style so the student’s progress is not affected when we are forced to use remote learning.

The remote learning schedule is simple to follow and provides a balance between invaluable screen time with teachers and peers, independent study, and physical activity. Students will continue their school work and follow the curriculum exactly as if they were in school. All teachers are experienced and well trained to effectively teach and adapt during remote learning.

SIKS uses Google Classroom to organize assignments and evaluate effectively. We use Zoom and Google Meets to conduct classes and meet with students. Teachers will regularly use Zoom and Google Classroom even during in-person learning to make sure all students are familiar and comfortable with remote learning programs. Any students absent from school will still be able to follow school work from home at any time.

We believe that our remote learning system is the best option when students and teachers are not able to meet face to face.

Remote Learning Advice

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer
  • Sign into your zoom account
  • Join the Google Classroom
  • Find a quiet place to study
  • Make sure your audio is working
  • Make sure your video is working
  • Stay in contact with your teacher
  • Participate in class meetings
  • Complete your assignments

What About Admission?

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