SIKS Elementary offers a wide range of age appropriate, extra-curricular activities that will appeal to students’ wide range of interests. The ASP encourages a balanced approach to improving academic, physical, social, and psychological development. The ASP allows students to participate in an activity they are passionate about or reinforce their studies in school. All programs are designed by SIKS teachers to create a fun and dynamic learning environment. All students will have the opportunity to join the ASP of their choice at the beginning of each term. The ASP offers the following programs…

English Language
Vietnamese Language
Korean Social Studies

Community Service

Community service provides students with the opportunity to help their community, to have a purposeful impact on the lives of the people they serve, and to develop social awareness and responsibility.  Such service improves the students’ well-being and development into responsible citizens.

Participation in club and community service activities are mandatory and recorded in the student’s Progress Report.


The Junior High School is now offering our After School Program.  Our programs are designed to provide education and fun to improve the academic, and creative skills of the students.

There is no ASP in the first term of 2022.


Our clubs are designed to help the students learn teamwork, leadership skills, cooperation, and other skills necessary to enhance academic learning in the classroom, and for life beyond Junior High School. Participating helps the students learn teamwork, cooperation and other life skills. Such activities also help develop areas of the brain that may not be fully utilized by the usual classroom work. Our clubs aim to help the students discover their personal interests and life-long passions that may benefit them in the future.

Clubs include sports, music, arts, gardening, roboics, and more.  

Clubs are chosen according to the teacher’s specialty, and the students’ interests.  Thus, the activities offered are subject to change every term.

JHS students are required to join one club. Students are required to log 15 hours/semester for club activities to be recorded in the Progress Report. Clubs are done with the presence of teachers, parents, or external personnel. Clubs will perform or exhibit at the end of the term during Talents Fest, or as guests at other special events. Schedule will be fixed every Friday.

Gardening Club

Pod cast club

JHS Newspaper

Vocal Exercise

Dance Club




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