The Saturday Sports Club will be available to boys and girls from SIKS  or other schools from grades 3 – 6. The main focus of the Saturday Sports club is to …

  1. Improve strength, flexibility, and stamina
  2. Learn the rules of different sports
  3. Improve skills and teamwork
  4. Create a love and passion for team sports
  5. Have fun!

The Saturday Sports Club will be held at the SIKS campus in Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City and will be taught by fully certified SIKS teachers. Please inform your homeroom teacher, complete the registration form below, or contact the school office by September 15 if you want to join. 02837817200

This club is guaranteed fun for everyone involved. Please contact the school office if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

DatesMarch 23 – July 5
Time9:00 – 11:30
Fee$275 (Transportation included)
StudentsSIKS and Non-SIKS, boys and girls
SportsSoccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, badminton, meditation