Work at SIKS

Teaching at SIKS

SIKS offers a competitive salaray, paid vactions, and a peaceful working environment. A teaching certificate, bachelors degree, and 2 years of teaching experience are required.

We expect our techers to be energetic, organized, and kind.

We offer full and part time positions.

Work at SIKS

Employment Opportunities

Applications are accepted throughout the year but most of the interviews and hiring take place from November to January. The school year begins March 1.

We are curerntly looking to fill the following positions...

Work at SIKS

How to apply?

Please email your resume and cover letter to the school office if you are interested in a position. We will respond quickly.

Thank you for your interest in SIKS.

  1. SIKS Junior High School(중학교) 2022학년도 한국수학 교사모집(파트)

– 지원자격: 경력자
– 지원방법: 이력서(사진), 자기소개서
– 연락처(서류제출)
– 이메일:
– 전화번호: 093 789 1583 (카톡 siks02)
– 서류 확인 후 개인면접


2. SIKS 별빛국제학교 유치원 2학기 태권도/유아체육 파트교사 구인

– 8월 둘째주부터 시작
– 월요일 3타임(40분 수업)
– 이력서 접수
– 문의 082 322 2580(카톡sikskinder)