This subject encourages lifelong enthusiasm for reading, writing and spoken communication.  It equips learners with transferable language skills for interrogating and producing spoken or written texts, and working collaboratively. It also develops learners’ confidence, creativity and intellectual engagement.  The reading, writing, speaking and listening skills support learners’ overall intellectual, creative and social development.


This course develops the students’ grammar skills in the context of writing.  Based on the principle that the primary purpose of grammar instruction is to improve student writing, this program teaches the conventions of standard English and takes students through the complete writing process.  The program is designed to prepare the students for international standardized tests.

MATH (G7-8)/ ALGEBRA 1 (G9)

This course covers Common Core standards on problem solving, number sense, operations, algebra and functions, probability, data analysis and statistics, measurement, geometry, and quadrilaterals. Including Algebraic Reasoning; Integers and Rational Numbers; Proportional Relations; Graphs; Analyzing Data; Geometric Figures; Equations and Inequalities


Social Studies fosters societal literacy by investigating, examining, assessing, integrating, appreciating, and comprehending the complex interconnections among history, culture, politics, and economics that shape individuals, communities, and societies. Students explore various topics, including world history, government structures, cultural traditions, and social issues, gaining insights into how these factors influence their lives, careers, and future endeavors.


Economics gives students what they need to learn and interact with both theoretical and applied economics, as well as build a strong foundation of personal financial literacy. Including Economic systems and decision making, Business and labor; Money, banking, and finance; Economic performance; Government and the economy & The global economy


This course provides scientific literacy by exploring, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, appreciating, and understanding the interrelationships among science, technology, society, and the environment that will affect their lives, careers, and their future.  The program covers biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.


This course covers ecology, cell biology, genetics, the history of biological diversity, the diversity of life, and the human body.

Information and Communications Technology

This course covers the practical application of MS Office, coding, and robotics.


Musical Drama offers artistic literacy by delving into the world of theater, music, and performance. Students explore, analyze, and appreciate the interplay between storytelling, music, and stagecraft, gaining a deeper understanding of how these elements come together to create captivating performances. The curriculum covers various aspects of musical theater, including acting, singing, dancing, and stage production techniques.

Physical Education

This program focuses on team and individual sports to provide the students appropriate social interactions and skill development while learning team work, sportsmanship, and execution of individual and team strategies.


EAL provides supplementary English courses aimed at assisting beginner English learners in keeping pace with core subjects such as ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies


  • Korean Language
  • Korean Essay
  • Korean Math
  • Chinese Writing
  • Vietnamese